Stewardship- a way of living

Going to Mass

      The Eucharist is the centre of our lives, "The Source and Summit of the Christian life" (Docs Vat 2). It nourishes us and gives us the strength we need to live out our baptismal calling. Personal  prayer and the sacraments are further nourishment, so our Program begins with prayer and worship.

Growing Through Service

      Nourished by the Eucharist we use our God given gifts and abilities to help others- but also grow personally as we experience the joy of serving. Which one of us has not experienced the deep satisfaction and sense of well being as we offer a hand to someone in need? The parish needs you hand too- to join a ministry, to offer practical help and support, to reach out to others.

Giving with Love

      Generous giving completes the Stewardship picture. God is the Giver of all. We use His gifts for our own use and benefit and to love him and our neighbor. We also give out of justice - we have inherited much from those who have gone before us, now it is our turn, so that we too can pass on the parish (and the Faith) in good order and condition to future generations.