D Group

Stronger D (Discipleship) Groups is a new small-group meeting setting in your parish or school. In your D Group you will have the space to discuss and learn what it means to be a Christian in the world today. D Groups are currently in Shepparton, Kyabram and Kennington.

Your D Group will discuss issues such as stress, pornography, homosexuality, sex, partying, sports, prayer, life, death, satanism, and look at these and more topics through the eyes of the Bible and the Church.

The purpose of Stronger D Groups is to build strong, faithful and informed young disciples of Jesus Christ. The D Groups exist in a wider context of the Stronger Rallies, the Stronger Retreat and the wider Catholic Church community, and are under the care and support of the Sandhurst Diocese in Victoria, Australia.

The D Groups will challenge you to think about opinions, learn about yourself, and grow in your faith.

Whether taking place in a school, church building, parish centre or in a home each Stronger D Group will follow the same topics at the same approximate time. This serves as a means to unite the youth of the Sandhurst diocese following the Stronger program in their faith-journey and be a means to build upon at the Stronger Rallies and Retreats.

D Group Schedule:

          -Shepparton- Saturday, October 27, after the 6pm Youth-led Mass at St Brendan’s Catholic Church, 123 Knight Street, Shepparton.