Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) exists to provide advice and support to our Parish Priests. It is representative of the parish, and not individual parishioners pursuing their own agendas. The PPC assists Father Joe in discerning the pastoral needs of the parish and setting direction for pastoral activities.  This is not done in isolation, but by consulting widely within the parish and looking to the broader diocesan direction and pastoral priorities.

The purpose of the PPC is to facilitate the involvement of all parishioners as active disciples in the work of the Church by:

  • discerning the needs of the parish community
  • preparing strategies and plans to meet the community's pastoral needs
  • facilitating and monitoring the implementation of any strategies and plans
  • providing a focus for effective communication and co-operation between the parish community, neighboring parishes, diocesan agencies and other relevant churches and community groups

Our Parish Pastoral Council is made up of our Parish Priest, Fr Joe Taylor and Associate Priest, Fr. John Paul Pasala, our Pastoral Associate, Anthony Kilmartin, representatives of our Parish Schools:  John Cortese - Notre Dame College, Paula Stevenson - St Brendan's Primary School and David Keenan (Principal) - St Luke's Primary School and lay members discerned by the parish community.  Currently these are Kathy Hunt (Chair), Sister Frances Kennedy FcJ, Christopher Wijesingha, Karen Goodger, Irene Garla, Leah Ferguson, Anna McNally, Bozena Szczurek and Sr Agnes Murphy.



Kathy Hunt


Fr. Joseph Taylor 


Anthony Kilmartin

Bozena Szczurek

Christopher Wijesingha

David Keenan

Irene Garla

John Cortese

Karen Goodger

Leah Ferguson

Paula Stevenson

Sr Frances Kennedy FcJ