Anna McNally

Anna McNallyI have been a Parishioner at St Brendan's Parish for more than seven(7) years having returned from Sydney in 2011 to support my then elderly mother.  Since 2012 I have been acting in a role supporting "Ministers of Communion" prior to 8am Sunday Mass.  I became a member of the PPC in early 2014.  Shortly afterwards I joined the Bereavement Team.  And the Bereavement Visitation Team (a small group who support family members of the recently bereaved).  I am involved in hospital, nursing home, private home visitations (supporting the elderly who are no longer able to attend Mass) - this is a very rewarding involvement.  I am employed as a Carer supporting people in their own homes - hopefully making a difference in their daily lifestyles.  I am a volunteer with Shepparton Visitor's Centre and the Shepparton Court as a Court Networker.  I am a social person who enjoys outings:  concerts, art exhibitions, markets, driving - short or long trips (travelling).  I love the outdoors - walking, sports of all kinds and gardening.  I love indoors too - cooking, reading the daily Age newspaper and hard covered books.  I use social media as a necessity not a fan of Twitter or the like …     Anna McNally