Life Partnership Workshop for Couples

Life Partnership Workshop For Couples  is for all couples in relationships. Whether couples are preparing to marry or commit to long term relationship, this workshop gives couples education and skills to support healthy and successful relationships. The workshop runs for four hours and hosted by friendly and experienced CatholicCare Sandhurst facilitators.

The workshop aims:

    ♥  To build knowledge about happy and healthy relationships
    ♥  To build strong and loving relationships
    ♥  To build deeper understanding and acceptance of each other

    The workshop include

    ♥  Activities to discover more about each other
    ♥  Activities to explore personality , habits, roles and backgrounds
    ♥  Communication and listening skills

    Workshops are held in:

    Shepparton Bendigo

    5.00pm to 7.00pm     

    Tuesday 5th and 12th February, 2019

    Tuesday 14th and 21st May, 2019

    Tuesday 13th and 20th August, 2019

    Tuesday 8th and 15th October, 2019


    Sunday 24th February, 2019

    Sunday 16th June, 2019

    Sunday 18th August, 2019


    The workshop costs $200 per couple. A concession rate is available upon request.

    For bookings and enquiries phone CatholicCare in Shepparton on 5820 0444 or Bendigo on 5438 1300.

    Group are subject to maximum and minimum numbers determined seven working days prior to the commencement date. Early registration is encouraged.