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Stewardship- a way of living

A vibrant parish like ours requires lots of expertise and finance to thrive. We have a top financial committee who meet 4 times a year but who do so much behind the scenes between meetings. We operate on a shoestring budget, however through very wise stewardship, we are able to achieve so much for our parish community. Our office team is very caring and professional. We are only a phone call away.
St. Brendan’s Parish staff traditionally consists of: 2 priests, an Office Manager, Secretary, Pastoral Associate, Sacramental Co-ordinator, Housekeeper and Gardener. We are also blessed to have a Youth Officer working with us 2 days per week, but funded externally.
Financially, we rely on our weekly collection, and on the occasional gift that comes from generous parishioners to keep us afloat. Sometimes we receive bequests from people who have died; these are the often the means to much needed capital works.

Saint BrendanIn 2019 we ran a Stewardship Programme to enliven our Faith Community. The logo is opposite and you can see our three objectives. We are aiming to increase our ability to fulfil our mission, to maintain our parish and to increase our income.

From June 2015 to June 2019: 

our income totalled: $1,644, 915.29

our expenditure totalled: $1,954, 770.92.

As you can see, we have many joys and challenges in giving life to our parish. The support of every parishioner is vital, both through participating in ministry and much needed financial contribution.

So we proclaim:

• Celebrate our Mission,

• Engage in Ministries and

• Support our Maintenance

Finance Team Members

Fr. Joe Taylor (Parish Priest) , David Villani (Chairman),  Ashley Madeira, Kerry Bridges, and Peter Fitzpatrick 

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